Cryptic an organization that provides complete protection to the victims of cyber stalking, cyber harassment and cyber bullying. We also work with THORN on human trafficking.


At Cryptic, we fully understand how, as a victim of cyber stalking, cyber harassment or cyber bullying, you may feel incredibly helpless, vulnerable and frightened. Our ultimate goal is to reduce and eliminate all kinds of online abuse through our innovative software and investigative services. In addition, we wish to inspire, empower and enable the victims of cyber stalking, cyber harassment and cyber bullying (as well as the families of those affected) and ultimately help them to regain control of their lives once again.

We believe that it is every person’s right to belong to the connected, online global village and that utilizing the Internet in a productive way is a healthy method of maintaining and developing meaningful social and personal relationships. When you feel that you are no longer safe to enjoy the benefits of belonging to this connected, online community, your rights are being infringed upon and we at Cryptic can step in and help you stand up to whomever is taking this basic away from you.


Cryptic is committed to creating a much safer, online community. Cryptic have been personally affected by digital harassment, bullying or stalking. The company is committed to helping individuals, families and organizations alike and fights to take legal actions against the criminals.


 Cryptic provides not only software but also, helping victims  with both practical help and advice as well as the emotional support they need to cope and recover from PTSD.

Toward A Safer Online Community.

Preventing Cyber Bullying.


Over the past two decades, we have been enjoying the amazing convenience of the Internet. Unfortunately, the same can be said for criminals who have been taking advantage of the anonymity of this platform to commit acts of harassment, bullying and stalking online.


Unlike face-to-face attacks, you can be a victim of online harassment by a bully or stalker who is located anywhere in the world, which makes this category of crime exceptionally concerning to law enforcement agencies.


This kind of victimization is incredibly traumatic and frightening and has sadly now become a major, global epidemic, even overtaking illegal drug trafficking as a major crime. This is due, in part, to the diverse nature of cyber bullying. Daily users of the Internet are extremely vulnerable to becoming victims of cyberbullying. Simply by using social media platforms (such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) and online chatrooms can open one up to cyberstalking, harassment and even rape or murder.


So, what can be done to protect yourself against the dreadful scourge of cyberbullying? Well, to begin with, we recommend using ManageYOURiD. In addition, always ensure that you set your social media privacy settings as high as possible and that when you make use of dating sites or online chatrooms, you never reveal your personal details (such as your cell phone number, home address, work address, etc). Of course, it goes without saying that you should never reveal your social security number and credit or debit card details to strangers as this will open you up to identity theft and financial fraud!


The Internet is a wonderful tool to use but should be used with caution. However, do not let the threat of cyberbullying scare you from living a full and happy life.

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